Family Class

The intent of the family class immigration program is to reunite Canadian citizens and permanent residents with close member of the family class, By undertaking to support sponsored members of the family class, the sponsor promises that their family member will not be a burden on Canadian society for duration of undertaking. 

Who can sponsor?

Only Canadian citizens, permanent residents can sponsor their parents, grandparents, spouse or dependent children. Temporary residents, including individuals with applications for permanent residence in process, aren’t eligible to sponsor their family members. Individuals who received permanent residence as a result of being sponsored by their spouse or partner are only eligible to sponsor if they became a permanent resident more than 5 years ago. Individuals who were convicted of attempting, threatening to commit or committing a violent offence, of any offence against a family member, or of any sexual offence (either inside or outside of Canada) might not be eligible to act as a sponsor.
As a quicker alternative, the Super Visa Program will allow a Permanent Resident’s or Canadian Citizen’s parents and grandparents to visit their family in Canada for up to two years without renewing their status. This permit is valid for up to 10 years.




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