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We help international students/clients handle all their educational concerns, assist to secure admission to colleges or universities.

Canada is the place where there is dream and nectar. Canada drives the world with respect to quality living and as a country of instructed and warm people. This isn’t unexpected, Canada is a standout amongst other top decisions for global understudies for abroad investigation. For worldwide understudies, get settled this promising and happening nation is a fantasy.
A study permit is a legal document which authorizes an international student to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada for a limited time.

Work as a Student

Coming to Canada as an international student exposes tons of different avenues to realize exposure and work experience within the Canadian workplace market. There are different options for you to figure depending on different stages of your study.


You’re allowed to work on campus for up to twenty hours every week without having to apply for a work permit. However, you would like to get your social welfare Number (SIN) before you begin working.


As an international student studying full time, you can work part-time of 20 hours every week outside the campus for any employer and full-time of 37.5 hours during your semester breaks. An open work permit is required to work off-campus. However, this work experience won’t be considered for your future immigration application purposes.

Co-op / Internship

If your program of study includes an internship or a co-op, you can apply for a co-op work permit. The co-op work permit restricts the applicant from working at the other place which cannot be a part of your course curriculum.
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